Warning : Don’t read this with an empty stomach!

Welcome to our First Real Post! The motto of this blog is to review , analyse , dissect anything which can be experienced for the heck of it and also so that the next person can know what to expect ( only if they want to) So strictly speaking , this is a ‘REVIEW BLOG’ but in the widest terms possible.

Today we’re reviewing this awesome food truck experience I had a chance to relish with my friends. JW Marriott is a place most dream to dine at but can hardly afford to. The Food Truck in the PBC of Marriott makes high quality food affordable to even students. Right off the bat , every food item we ate cost only 200 bucks each ( excluding taxes) Pick up your eyes off the floor , we have ground to cover.

So , the Food Truck has been around for almost a year now without much publicity. Like most friends we have been planning almost every week to visit but keep failing to actually go. We were pretty sure that our high expectations of JW was going to dampen the experience – luckily it did not.

Ambience – With popular English music and outdoor environment and reasonably quick service , we had nothing to complain about. The staff even took pictures of us when we requested them to.

The FOOD ( I don’t have the actual names of the dishes , so I’m making them up a bit)

  1. 3d pull lamb – inside the bun


The absolute star of the day. The lamb just fell apart in your mouth as promised and it was amped up with aromatic spices and sauces which made it divinely juicy. There were 2 slider like buns and is a very filling dish. What one might call Paisa Vasool *_*

2. Lasooni Techaa Pizza

Thin crusted pizza topped with cheese , garlic and chicken this one will satisfy the Indian and Italian in you. I found it a bit mild but my friend who ordered it found it perfect and since she loves all things garlic and chicken I think she is the better judge.

3.  BBQ Chicken Boti on a stick


I ordered this mistaking it for a hotdog ( don’t ask me why ; I’m prone to stupid errors , the word ‘BBQ’ makes me dumb and weak) While it is not a ‘filling’ dish per se , it is a delicious starter accompanied by the smokiest and yummiest bbq sauce of all time.

4. Frappes


The picture above is of a chocolate frappe. It is so loaded with chocolate that you won’t minded being killed by it. Another frappe we ordered was the ‘PBC frappe’ – while it wasn’t so rich in flavor it compensated with delicious whipped cream and a subtle understated complexity which was equally enjoyable in a quiet sort of way.

5. Veg pizza


Our only vegetarian friend ( she is a cutie) ordered this delicious veg pizza. It ticked most of the boxes in terms of crust and cheese but needed a bit of Tobasco sauce to liven it up.

6.  Cone Pizza – Chicken Filling


The most intriguing dish on the menu. The top part was absolutely delicious ( I’m a sucker for cheese though) but the insides which had a combination of chicken and sauces didn’t quite live up to the promise of the top. It was also very awkward to eat for a messy person like me.

7. For the table – Fries and Fried dumplings

We were too involved with our mains to take pictures of the starters. The fries were bleh not that crunchy and too common to enthral us. Easily the most boring dish. It was called cheesy fries but didn’t have much cheese , that made me sad. The fried dumplings was so hot that I didn’t know what I was eating. So they were pretty forgettable dishes.

They were nitpicks in what was an excellent dinner and night out with friends. While it isn’t exactly a pocket friendly night , it didn’t burn a hole like imagined too and was totally worth the food. Please try it out if you are in Pune and haven’t already. Might be the only chance to experience such high quality food at affordable rates 🙂

Verdict – Aren’t you on your way already?


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