Right off the bat , A big THANK YOU for the overwhelming response to the first post. That means this test blog becomes a full fledged one!

Thank you!

Today , I am going to ‘review’ the latest sensation in movies – DANGAL. You guys should know that this is not a typical review ; I am not a typical reviewer. First of all , I don’t know Hindi 😛 so to comment on the movie’s dialogues or nativity is beyond me. I hardly watch movies in theatres anymore and haven’t watched an amir khan’s movie in theatre since Ghajini.

Which is probably why you should listen to me when I say – PLEASE WATCH DANGAL.

Dangal Dangal

It is a movie about the Phogats. A man who couldn’t achieve his wrestler dreams due to reality tries to make it possible through his daughters. Being almost a biopic , I was surprised when the movie dealt with all the characters in a mature way and didn’t try to make them glorified cardboards.

Haanikaarak Bapu

Aamir Khan plays the disillusioned wrestler turned dad coach marvellously. There is no room for pretention or heroism here. I was more impressed with his potbelly than 8 packs. Hats off to him for making me forget that he was a star for the length of the movie. He plays a character with shades of grey and yet makes us root for him. The scene where he cuts of his daughter’s hair was terrifyingly portrayed. I loved how they didn’t romanticise it.


And that is what I LOVED about the movie. They have told the story as it is ( with a few obvious masala elements towards the end) and haven’t tried to judge the actions of anyone.

Gita aur babita

Coming to performance of other actors – the child actors who played Gita and Babita were amazing! They made you feel the pain and youthfulness and efforts of their journey without much fuss. The guy who played their cousin was equally good and very funny. The music in the initial portions were a blast and made a should be serious film into a very entertaining one xD

Contrived Conflicts

After the interval , the movie became a bit weird. The older gita and babita were obviously good. However , their conflicts seemed a bit artificial. Why should Gita listen to her dad over a national coach? And why should a coach always be an inept villain? If they had vindicated the coach and made Amir learn a lesson , the movie would have been more entertaining.


While the ending was a bit too much cliché it was VERY entertaining. The choreography of all these wrestling matches were so good. I totally forgot that I’m watching a movie which is imitating actual wrestling! When the national anthem played , I genuinely stood up out of respect for the Phogats.


While no movie is flawless , I feel every one must watch this film to learn more of the struggle of our nation’s non cricket heroes. That is the least we can do to support them. And also , notice the patriarchy steeped everywhere in the film and how Gita and Babita escaped at least one aspect of it.


Verdict – Must watch.


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