Oye Simran

I walked into the movie theatre with no preconceived idea of the movie. The ticket was just 90 bucks and it had Kangana as the lead. How bad could it be?


Very Very Very bad.

It is very easy to shake of a bad ‘commercial’ star film. Almost all of them are bad and no one really takes them seriously. However , it is much more frustrating to watch an amazing performer like Kangana get caught in an awful script which she apparently wrote herself!

The movie starts of very nicely. Watching an independent , hardworking NRI woman let her hair loose in Vegas was immensely fun. If the film had followed that path of her balancing work and play we would have all had a good time.

The films plot goes awry when our heroine loses all her money to gambling and ends up owing money to a shady gangster type person. Instead of trying to work for it or report to the police about the goondagiri of the moneylenders she decides to coerce her father to give money. When doesn’t work out she plans to rob a bank acting like she is carrying explosives.

Apart from making the American banks and police look incredibly foolish , the movie proceeds to make the protagonist awfully unsympathetic by making the tone of these crimes into comedy! I understand the tone in a movie like Queen or a Tanu weds Manu but when you try to make a biopic like this into a long bad joke your heroine tends to end up becoming completely unlikable. For some reason , I don’t think that is what the writing team for going for.


The movie also has a romantic arc which actually plays out very genuinely. Soham Shah plays the solid , dependable guy who is perfect to a fault. His answers to Praful ( Kangana’s name in the move) probing questions made me want to pluck him from the screen and make him my boyfriend 😛

The acting , cinematography , music were all top notch. I still go oye oye Simran when I really don’t want to.  I appreciate that the movie steered cleared off unnecessary drama but the fact that it treated such serious material is such a light way made the whole movie watching an unhappy experience.

I almost forgot. I forgot the part where they said something like she was serving only 10 months in prison for her crimes. Are you kidding me? She was guilty of armed robbery in more than one occasion and also threatened of a bomb to rob banks. The real Simran got 66 months imprisonment. It is an offence you could go to jail for life.

Just putting it out there so that no one gets any ideas after the movie.


Verdict – 2/5




I went into Kingsman2 with high expectations. The first part was unexpectedly very entertaining and wanted more of the same. With a giant cast which includes Channing Tatum , Halle Berry , Pedro Pascal , Julianne Moore the movie ended up slightly disappointing me.

They did too less with all the resources at their disposal.

And then there was that completely unnecessary scene where our hero inserts a foreign object into a woman’s vagina without her knowledge or consent in order to save the world.

Surely in a movie where you can use advanced technology to freeze the bullet going into someone’s head , you can have a GPS tracker which  can reach a person via a non mucous membrane?

I mean we have been watching enough spy movies to know that it can be injected into your blood or mixed in your drink or whatever. Point is I don’t think anyone enjoyed that sleazy scene of the hero inserting something up his nemesis’ girlfriend’s genitals. Someone should really explain these directors the meaning of entertainment.


Verdict – 2.75/ 5


2 thoughts on “Oye Simran. Arey kingsman.

  1. Very good reviews here, thank you! You have constructed balanced and objective reviews, both the “pluses” and “minuses” for each movie. I bookmarked your site!

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