Onesta Pizzeria : A must try for all food lovers!

Disclaimer : Don’t proceed with an empty stomach. Yummy food pictures ahead!

We were lucky to go grace Onesta Pizzeria in a huge group and try out almost all their dishes. So a detailed review of the same for your perusal.

Right of the bat, Onesta is a very affordable place which serves classy food and it would be a grave mistake to not check out this pizzeria which is situared in Mariplex Mall , Kalyani Nagar. They have unlimited meal options which you should all try out.






  1. Fish Fingers – Don’t pop it directly into your mouth cz they’re whooping hot! They’re perfectly crispy , could be a bit more seasoned to pop up the fishy flavor of the dish.
  2. Bacon wrapped prawns – Exactly as delicious as it sounds. Absolute star of the day , a match made in heaven if you ask me.
  3. Crispy chicken with BBQ sauce – Smoky sauce , crunchy chicken equals happy tears. Omg I sound like an advertisement.
  4. Assorted bruschetta – Appropriate amount of cheese and toppings makes it a delicious vegetarian option. ( Mushroom , tomato and mixed veg toppings)

All the entrees had around 4-5 pieces. Proper for a meal of two.







  1.  Prawn and Ricotta Ravioli – You have a choice of 4 sauces. They didn’t have butter & sage , so we opted for Pink sauce. They also give triple cheese and arrabiata sauces. Delicious and very filling, it had me craving for more.
  2.  Ricotta & Minced lamb pocket Pizza –  Perfectly cooked lamb was the highlight of this pizza. Wouldn’t have minded onions or capsicums to break the monotony of lamb and cheese
  3. Chicken Lasagna – Adequate for one person. It could have been more flavoursome. The accompaniment veggies were sweet. The garlic bread was really good though.
  4. Spinach lasagna – Creamy spinach and cheese makes it every vegetarian’s delight.
  5. Chicken Tikka Pizza – Came with a disclaimer of being very hot and spicy. We didn’t think so. However , a good pizza overall
  6. Cream of Porcini , Sausages and Jalapenos Pizza – Delivers very well. A star dish through and through. Please try this.
  7. Mexican Veg Pizza – Just shut up and take my money delicious. A perfect combination of all things amazing.




  1. Tiramisu – Fluffy , light , every coffee lover’s delight. Could have more quantity but a definite must try!
  2. Double chocolate cake – A big piece with distinct layers of chocolate and eggless! Try it out for yourself.
  3. Ricotta cheesecake – I went a bit to heaven and came back. Quantity is a bit less though. Ordered three to be properly satisfied.
  4. Kiwi Mousse – Kiwi was the star. Very light and fluffy. I’m running out of adjectives here.
  5. Chocolate mousse – Was very good but we wanted more.
  6. Teddy Chocolate Bun – Chocolate bun shaped like Teddy it was irresistible to not order. However , since we parcelled it home it became too hard and we couldn’t judge the same.

All the desserts are priced from 70-150 bucks. Very affordable good for one person.

Bonus – They gave us a complimentary cheesecake, breads and  tarts!