The Chiefs of Seattle Grace – Grey Sloan Memorial over the years

Is greys Anatomy still going on? 

This show isn’t cancelled yet? 

If you’re saying these things , this post isn’t probably for you. So BYE! Also if you haven’t caught up with all the 16 seasons there will definitely be a few spoilers. So carry on at your own risk.


Grey’s Anatomy for fans is not just a show but a way of life. We watch and re watch till we shout “SOMEONE SEDATE ME!” like Poor Ol’ Yang.

So I put up a post on this famous Grey’s Anatomy facebook page “Grey’s anatomy Humor”, asking who according to them were the best and worst chiefs (of surgery..duh) to grace the halls of Seattle Grace , Seattle Grace Mercy West and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital over the years. After reading over 141 comments I found it fit to make a listicle out of the same 😀 So I am not going to make a rankings list of the chief ( I  an not looking for controversy here :P) but instead make a chronological list of all the chiefs ever and list their pros and cons so here we go.


  1. Chief Richard Webber –    Seasons 1-6 +7                                                                                                        Always the best man for the job. First black male chief of the hospital, his reign took the hospital to glorious heights . The man hasn’t been Chief since Season 8 and people still call him the Chief.

    cz  he the chief!

Pros – His calm and inspiring mentorship. He is the prime mentor of Derek Sheperd , Addison Montgomery , Preston Burke , Meredith Grey , Miranda Bailey and the list goes on and on. Every doctor on the show has been mentored or been motivated by him at some point. Will never forget him giving confidence to Amelia in Season 11 when she freaked out about the Hermann tumor and told her she was as good as her brother and motivated her to pull off the impossible. Another particular incident which stuck with me was during the infamous LVAD inquiries of Season 2 , when Yang asks him how to separate the personal from the professional and give up her friends – he would not let her. That to me defined the man. He doesn’t see doctors as robots but as caring humans with a heart. Which is what sets him apart. This is further proved in the infamous Season 13 Minnick storyline.

Cons – Well once Seattle Grace falls to 12th rank in Season 5 he goes a bit nuts and starts drinking. This makes him take many questionable decisions like firing Callie and Izzie ( the one time she could have been let go unpunished) , clipping a man’s bile duct and the merger.  He also tends to give slap on the wrist punishments for grave errors like cutting LVAD wires , operating with  tremor in the hand and messing with clinical trials.


2. Derek Sheperd –                                                                                                                                      The brilliant neurosurgeon with a god complex moved all the way from New York for the chief position only to realize that he was totally unsuited for the job and that he would rather operate  than administrate. mcdreamy14

Pros – Not many. Him introducing conferences where surgeons discuss their complex cases was interesting and very Derek. Looked very good in chief’s formals

Cons – The whole Gary Clark saga. Also if you really hate the job does it even matter if you’re good at it?


3.  Owen Hunt –                                                                                                                                               An unlikely candidate for the job , Owen Hunt really stepped it up and was responsible and unassuming chief who got the job done. However , his tenure coincided with the time when he was being terrible to Cristina for having an abortion . So that didn’t help in making him likable


Pros – Carried his power lightly. The softball episode was a good team building exercise. His sincerity shines through in his handling of the rape victim case as the chief and when the hospital was going through bankruptcy. Bringing April back and mentoring her.

Cons- Well he did sign the papers to hire a cheaper helicopter which led to THAT plane crash 😥


4. Mark Sloan                                                                                                                                                       He was only chief for a day , as expected he threw his weight around but finally learnt enough to end the day with positive outcomes.


Pros – Beef with the chief lunch sessions , annoying Derek and finally listening to Webber

Cons – Disrespecting Bailey and Richard initially and throwing of the power.

RIP Mark ❤


5.  Miranda Bailey –                                                                                                                                                             Poor Webber was always holding his spot for Bailey to take over and now she has made him regret it multiple times.  She took charge as the Chief in Season 12 and proved immediately that she was something of a … dictator. However , she is someone who always has a vast vision -what with all the genome labs , hyperbaric chambers , mood rooms and remodelling of the hospital. If only she loosened the reins a little.


Pros – Investments in technology . Being Bailey at the end of the day – She knows everything. Sh cares deeply about the hospital. Realised her mistake about the Minnick method at the end of season 13 . Hosted the cool research competition and is generally very competent. I also liked she suspended Ben for cutting open a women’s stomach

Cons- Dictator at her worst. She tries to not listen to Webber a bit too much and lets Catherine Avery play her Eg. Minnick saga. Her firing of Alex , Webber and Grey is just dumbfounding. I mean who fires 3 departmental heads at the same find? especially when 2 of them only abetted. Her jealousy towards Alex Karev who did a better job than her.


6. Alex Karev –

best-alex-karev-moments-grey-anatomy                                                                                                                                        Who would have thought that evil spawn from season 1 would turn out to be chief one day? :’) After the initial roadblocks he turned out to be an awesome chief!

Pros – Totally rocked it by delegating effectively to the interns and apparently showed a good net margin.

Cons – Spending the quarter’s budget in the 1st day 😛


Who is your fave and least fave? Please comment below and join the discussion.




Things to do this weekend

Here is my weekly recommendations on how to live life 😛 Thank me later.

Which Movie to watch?


I am not going to say Black Panther. While it is good , what is excellent is “Three billboards outside ebbing missouri ” . A low on the radar movie , a black comedy cum drama which gives us a fun yet deeep insight on people process pain and how violence begets violence. Frances McDormand , Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson give the performances of their lives and the screenplay is one of the most atrociously delicious things I’ve lived through. If I am not convincing enough maybe the multiple Golden Globes and BAFTAs will convince you.

Activity to do


Ride a Zoom Cycle. Zoomcars has launched an amazing initiative in Pune where you can rent cycles online for Re 1 per hour! It is located in several locations around the city and is a must go for nostalgic-health-environmental-and whattheheckitsjustfun reasons!

Which show to Binge?


The Flash. Hear me out. The first season is one of the most intriguing and fun superhero creations out there. While season 2 was imaginative it took a turn for the dour like Arrow and season 3 was just … let’s pretend like it never happened. However , Season 4 has promised a return to form. Critics have christened it  to be the “Flash Lite” and the Thinker proves to be a better villain than the evil speedsters who just make people moan “Run Barry Run” . Now with an ensemble of Flash , Killer Frost , The Elongated Man and The Vibe ( let’s forget Iris) Team Flash sports one of the most charismatic casts out there. And the makers have given a much needed personality makeover to our Dear Barry Allen. So watch reader watch!


Where to eat?

Pandora Gastronomy & Bar , Yerawada , Pune.

I will quietly drop the pictures here , thank you .

  1. Citrus Bhel
  2. Malabar Chicken tarts
  3. Egyptian Fish (Basa)
  4. Truffle fries
  5. Ghee Roasted Chicken with Malabar Parotta
  6. Textures of Chocolate
  7. Kaffir Lime Chicken Tikka

And what to read I might ask?

Enchantress of Florence by Salman Rushdie

A mixture of Mughal empire and Florence is what you didn’t know you needed in your life till it came along!


“Rushdie weaves magic with his word. A hedonistic mixture of fable and history , I loved Akbar’s mind workings. Was annoyed by the Florence bit and soon fell in love with it and started hating the Mughal bit 😛 It keeps you in with feverish excitement and fantasy till the spell is broken because the enchanter himself got tired by the book’s end. Would have loved to know more about the Mughal dell amore. Still a thundering work from Rushdie which is a history lover’s delight.”